London, UK

  • Client: Quintain Ltd

    For Londoners, Wembley has long been synonymous with events and leisure: sports events at the stadium, music at the arena. It’s also known as part of Metroland, the suburbs developed during the 1920s as leafy dormitories for commuters on the Metropolitan underground line. More recently, there has been increasing residential, retail and office development at Wembley Park, the area immediately around the stadium and arena, which is now being regenerated as ‘London’s newest creative neighbourhood’ by Quintain. 

    Our marketing suite - The AMP - was developed in collaboration with The Future Laboratory and EverythingInBetween. It sells the vision for the new office buildings, a vision for a more fluid way of working where the focus is on flexibility and wellness, as well as an open-minded attitude toward future ways of working as yet unknown. 

    Photo Credits: Chris Winter