Notcutt House

London, SE1

  • Address: London, SE1
    Client: Carpenter's Road Properties Ltd

    BuckleyGrayYeoman's stylish refurbishment of an attractive former warehouse on the busy Southwark Brdige road provides characterful office space.

    The newly refurbished 1,500 sqm building, owned by Carpenter's Road Properties Ltd. relocats the entrance and reception to create a new face to the building and replaces the services and finishes throughout the building. The refurbished building is SKA silver rated, demonstrating the sustainability of the projects.

    The facade to Southward Bridge Road has been modernised to signal the improvements to the interior. The dated glazing to the street and unsympathetic wall cladding have been repaced with a new clean design and dark grey cooured frames. A new industrial steel canopy with integrated lighting emphasises the office entrance.

    Contemporary finishes give the common areas of the building a clean open look. The exposed structure and services, original concrete floor to the staircase are complimented by exposed services to the office floors.

    The finished building is now an open and inviting presence on the street, providing high quality space within Southwark.

    Photo Credits: Peter Landers