Fred Perry Munich

Munich, Germany

  • Address: Reichenbachstrasse 12, 80469 Munich, Germany
    Client: Fred Perry

    BuckleyGrayYeoman has designed Fred Perry’s latest international store uniting the brand’s iconic English identity with the vibrant Reichenbachstrasse area of the city. The store has been designed to transport the brand’s ‘Englishness’ to this already culturally rich area of Munich. The design subtly encapsulates the culture in which Fred Perry is famously rooted, looking at details and recycling quintessentially English objects, from tea trays to tiles, and incorporating them within the retail environment.

    The 200 sq m store ascends gradually over three levels, progressing from the open-plan entrance space towards two rooms reserved for bags and footwear that have been tiled in gold and blue tiles respectively. These sections replace conventional shelving with bright gym-room lockers. Custom-made concrete boxes run the length of the store, creating a sense of continuity between the spaces and encouraging customers to browse all areas of the retail space.

    Short listed: Architect of the Year Awards 2013, Interiors
    Photo Credits: Hufton + Crow