Dimes Place

London, UK

  • Address: Dimes Place, Hammersmith, London W6 0QP
    Client: Thackeray Estates

    Our work at Dimes Place redevelops a former timber yard to create a sophisticated place to work that compliments the provision of contemporary office space in Hammersmith. 

    The tightly-bound brownfield site is positioned between two rows of terraced housing and is bordered to the north by railway lines. Working within these constraints, our scheme uncovers the residual industrial character left at the site and celebrates this within our design proposals. 

    The existing timber yard offices will be retained and redeveloped into contemporary office space. A row of new, small offices will be built using pre-fabricated timber-frames, with sleek oak fins referencing the site`s history and providing a warm and high-quality finish. The larger office building will be clad in London stock brick with detailing that sits in context with the surrounding buildings and upholds the industrial feel of the site.

    The existing cobbled street which runs through the central passage will be retained to become a key landscape feature, with additional planting and trellis walls ensuring the site sits comfortably between residential gardens.

    A small central courtyard unites the office buildings and acts as an anteroom around which the buildings are arranged. Continuous paving will run along the central passage and courtyard to unite the site, altogether providing a varied scheme which greatly enhances the existing dormant site for surrounding residents and office workers. 

    Planning approval was granted in July 2019.