The Passage Launch Event

17 May 2016

Last Friday the 13th May 2016, the St Vincent Centre, that hosts the Passage, has been officially launched. For this special occasion, The Duke of Cambridge visited the charity. A visit that he did  when he was young with his mother, the late princess Diana.

The newly refurbished building enjoys much taller ceilings through the removal of a 1950’s mezzanine floor, allowing natural light to flood in from the new fully glazed Winter Garden and Canteen. The fully refurbished exterior walls now represent a building of quality including areas such as a computer training suite and a medical centre. Peeling back the layers of previous ad-hoc additions to the interior spaces has let the building breathe and allow BuckleyGrayYeoman to completely revise the flow and orientation of the building resulting in a more coherent and intuitive layout. Removing these later additions has revealed some previously hidden original features including curved arched windows, cornicing and shallow brick arched soffits which now play an important role in helping the building avoid an institutionalised feel by keeping it rooted in its historical context.

The renovation project also includes the upgrade of 16 self contained apartments, a community garden, a gym, a music room, a conference facility, a women’s refuge centre and office space for The Passage charity to run from.