Old Bailey Win

28 August 2015

BuckleyGrayYeoman has secured planning permission for the refurbishment and extension of a 1980s office building at 20 Old Bailey on behalf of Blackstone.


BuckleyGrayYeoman’s scheme will substantially refurbish the 28,721 sq m (GIA) office building to bring it up to contemporary standards, rearranging the building cores and adding a two-storey extension. The existing eastern elevation will be completely replaced by a contemporary façade that will greatly improve the building’s presentation onto Old Bailey. The new design features a natural stone frontage with bronze coloured window reveals to match the existing materials used in the retained parts of the building.


BuckleyGrayYeoman’s refurbishment substantially revises the inefficient layout of the existing building, introducing a new internal street at ground level to link the building entrances on Fleet Place and Old Bailey. The internal street sits beneath a new full height atrium and a new central core that rationalises the plan of the building. The new scheme also involves the retention of the historic Magpie & Stump public house at the corner of Bishops Court.