NLA workplace roundtable

8 March 2016

Oliver Bayliss took part in February to the NLA working group discussion, aimed at informing the themes for the new NLA next Insight Study, which launches in Autumn.

Agility, connectivity, experience, diversity, innovation are the drivers of today’s new workplace environment. Affordability is one of the main issue as well with rents having barely doubled over the last 30 years, in comparison to graduate salaries, which have risen ten fold, and housing costs, which have also steeply climbed.

Location is one of the ingredients in making a workplace development socially and economically successful. The goal is to find the next vibrant spot, but the war for talent can be applied to all sectors, not just tech.

But the idea of a ‘desk’, somewhere, where you go and work, has not changed, said Oliver Bayliss. The difference is that today it is also more about reinforcing company brands, and the employees’ working lifestyle that fuses work with retail and hospitality. ‘It’s no longer an office with a big reception anymore’, said Bayliss. ‘It’s a hotel, a café, a gym’. It’s everything that people want to be around.’

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