New photos of 77 Coleman as it nears completion

27 January 2020

Acknowledging the patina of ancient alleys and passageways across the City, this redevelopment will connect a large 1980s building back to the urban grain and dramatically improves its public face.


Briefed to redevelop an existing building for a new generation of tenants, we saw that making the building more permeable would raise its profile, giving it presence on two major City thoroughfares. By opening up Nun Court, a route which predates the development of Moorgate, we will be able to make this link and create new retail frontage.


We added a bronze-framed lightbox with fluted glass to signal the Moorgate entrance, with decorative bronze louvres to frame the retail unit. Glazed faience tiles will line both sides of the passageway, lit from above and beneath, to draw pedestrians along the newly opened route.


Despite limitations imposed by the existing structural frame, we were also able to dramatically alter the appearance of the building, replacing the existing cladding with limestone, chosen for its similarity to Portland stone. On the Coleman Street elevation, we chose a dark grey brick for the main body of the building to respond to the more varied context here.


Inside, we will have refurbished the office floors and reconfigured the main stair core, which now leads up from a spacious double-height reception area. A two-storey roof extension will add additional office space, stepped back from the existing façade line to create outdoor terraces.