Jacqueline Senior in FX Magazine

10 June 2014

‘Designer choices’ 


BuckleyGrayYeoman Associate, Jacqueline Senior has been featured in the June 2014 issue of FX Magazine in a special ‘Focus on Flooring’ article. Jacqueline discusses the bespoke design for The Buckley Building in Clerkenwell.


‘Due to the angled geometry of the building at the main entrance, the incorporation of a conventional matwell proved a challenge. A bespoke design was conceived, based on the tactile paving found at pedestrian crossings, to form a series of matwell discs. This was developed with Intramatting Systems to provide customised stainless steel grommets within which to secure the entrance matting discs, which sit in core-drilled holes in the floor…a simple yet very elegant flooring solution.’


Photography by Hufton + Crow