Fred Perry: New flagship store

12 March 2015

Fred Perry has relocated its Covent Garden flagship store from the touristy piazza to a classic Georgian townhouse on Henrietta Street. The store has been designed to allow Fred Perry’s new home to be as flexible as possible, giving the label the opportunity to reinterpret the layout to suit different collections on a seasonal basis, as well as host one-off events on the shopfloor.


The store is a reflection of the building’s history and local area. The timber paneling on one side of the store was based on the old walls found underneath. The original brickwork was left exposed and clothing rails and display units have been installed in the alcoves created by the structural features and chimney breasts of the townhouse. Footwear and accessories are displayed on an antique cart in a dedicated area to the rear of the store. As a tribute to the area’s history, the design of the cart was based on the ones used historically in the Covent Garden market.


The shop front was also upgraded with a leaded window that echoes the heritage of the street. Artisan signwriter Nick Garrett was commissioned to hand-guild the signage in a font inspired by that of the London Transport Museum.


Music is at the heart of the brand, and at the heart of the store with a vintage Wurlitzer vinyl jukebox that sits next to the mild steel service desk. The jukebox is filled with singles nominated by Fred Perry’s fans through social media.