Forest School | Completion

29 September 2014

BuckleyGrayYeoman has completed The Martin Centre for Innovation, a new dedicated IT facility at Forest School, London. The 6,500 sq ft two-storey building consists of a state-of-the-art IT Library, study spaces, meeting rooms and a dance studio.

Reflecting the predominant material on the campus, the building was constructed of brick at first and second floor levels. On the ground floor the building was designed to provide a greater degree of transparency and accessibility, with a fully glazed elevation to the north, opening onto a colonnade next to the playing fields. To work with the massing of the adjacent buildings, the building was stepped at the second floor, providing a great terrace area from where the school’s popular cricket games can be watched.


“Our challenge in designing The Martin Centre was to remain sensitive to Forest School’s heritage and remarkable location while creating a contemporary piece of architecture.”

Paul White, Director.